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Idade ideal para Hackathons-Shawee

Is there an age for hackathons?

You already know the answer to the question of this title! Recently, we talked about hackathons in schools, and from that, we learned that it is never too early to participate in a hackathon (of course, everything within the … Continue lendo

Hackathons for Middle and High School Students

As we discussed in our last week’s post, there is no such thing as a correct age to participate in hackathons, we need diversity. No joke! What if, instead of developers, designers, business professionals, hackathon participants were high schoolers...

The importance of diversity in the hackathon universe

One of the factors that make the essence of a hackathon is narrow the bonds with the community, which consequently strengthens the ecosystem. For this to happen, some things need to be guaranteed and one of them (perhaps the main … Continue...

Main deliverables in a hackathon

Hackathons, as you may already know, have one ultimate goal: the solution to the challenge. The way groups deliver this solution is called… wait for it: deliverable! Yeah, quite objective, hum? And there are numerous forms of deliverables possible...

The Challenges of Hackathon Organizers

It takes a lot to make a hackathon!

If you are a frequent visitor, you already know that besides the participants we need many more components to make a hackathon: mentors and judges are some of them.

Today, we’ll talk … Continue lendo

How to apply for a hackathon

Tired of signing up for hackathons and failing the selection? Maybe the problem is how you fill out your application. Yeah, it sounds like a simple thing, but all help is welcome, right?! The hackathon application form (more precisely, Shawee’s...

What’s the judges role in a hackathon?

Besides the participants, mentors, and organizers, another basic element for any hackathon is the jury. Event organizers invite a team of 3 to 5 judges that fit the hackathon theme and carry some credibility in the field they act. The …...

Hackathon Glossary

In the hackathonic ecosystem, some words are more constant than others. With that in mind, we put together a brief glossary of the most commonly used words in this universe that we love to love.

Bora check it out?

Big … Continue lendo