Why participate in a hackathon?

Attending to a hacking marathon is an opportunity for multidisciplinary groups to showcase their skills and develop new applications in record time! In a period of 30 hours, each participant can challenge themselves, show leadership, meet people and even discover new skills!

If you are driven by the passion of creating, whether in the business area, innovation or technology, you should participate in a hackathon at least once in your lifetime to understand the real power of co-creation. This experience can change the way you think, above all else, but in addition to this, we can cite other reasons why you need to go:

(a) Leadership

You will be able to develop your leadership skills within the team as this is the ideal environment to leverage everyone’s skills in order to achieve good results. In addition, you will also test your patience and tolerance when dealing with people who are very different from you. Keep in mind that in a situation of pressure, being able to remain calm will help you think more clearly about the scenario, allowing you to make better decisions for the group. For this, do not lose focus, keep the team motivated, set goals for each activity and look for creative alternatives to compensate any difficult.

(b) Innovation

During such a marathon, you will be immersed in an environment that breathes innovation. You will meet people with complementary skills to yours, because usually the groups will be formed by developers, designers, communicators and business specialists, coming from the most diverse areas of knowledge. And besides this, a hackathon is the ideal time to use new technologies, work new programming languages, exchange knowledge and, above all, take risks!

(c) Networking

Besides being a fun process, you’ll meet lots of people, find mentors, and even talk to potential investors! Be kind and let shyness aside. Although coding time will take much of your time, try to talk with other groups and interacting during workshops, meals and times of relaxing. And, to be honest, networking is a plus, what really matters are the true interactions that this type of marathon can bring.

(d) Self-confidence

If you have never been to a hackathon before, it is very common to think that your skills are not enough. Part of this is your anxiety creating things in your mind, specially because of the stereotype that surrounds hacking marathons! The best solutions are developed by teams with different levels of knowledge, a lot of creativity and that have specially harmony. You can be sure that you will help with the pitch, with ideias during the development or with a simple HTML code. And at the end of the event, when you delivered  the MVP with your team, you will fill a good feeling that this will reflects directly on your self-confidence!

(e) Teamwork

Good teamwork is the secret to success during a hackathon. Learning to divide tasks, assign roles, rely on the performance of others, and encourages co-creation will be very important for your personal development too. Situations of pressure and stress are great to get to know yourself and know who you are working with. Sometimes people’s actions will speak louder than words, and it’s up to you to learn how to read your co-workers.

(f) Portfolio

If you are looking for a job or just want to increase your experience, the deliverables developed during hackathons are excellent for expanding your portfolio. These projects can be a great highlight for your work, precisely because they are solutions designed for real challenges often proposed for large companies. In this way, try to treat every project as a potential item in your portfolio, making it available on your social networks or personal website! So it’s easier to show what you’ve already created, when they ask you!

Although it sounds like a cliché, Shawee’s purpose is to promote innovation through hackathons to create a better world. There are no limits to ideas and every marathon always surprises us. Innovation is the watchword for rethinking society’s problems and the great challenges of modern times. Take advantage of the moment and try to know the dynamics of a hackathon to understand the potentiality of this activity!

And if you work in a company, get to know our platform and find out how to organize your hackathon! We automate all processes for you, from attendee registration, to mentoring dynamics for groups with our heatmap. Join now, create a hackathon test and meet the power of co-creation with Shawee!

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