Why you should choose Shawee?

Shawee is an online platform that manages the entire hackathon process, from the registration of participants to the projects evaluation! Thinking about the demands that every person of the event has – organizers, participants, mentors and judges -, we can point out some advantages in using our platform:


  • Participants’ registrations management;
  • Screen with all teams and their respective project links (demos, presentations, landing pages);
  • Access to a heat map of the groups, created based on mentor’s feedbacks, which can indicate the level of synergy among team members, whether the project is being well implemented or whether the team needs some technical help, for example;
  • Access to all feedbacks given by mentors and juries to the groups;
  • Transparency to audit jurors’ notes, since everything is recorded even after the event;
  • Ranking of the projects automatic generated immediately after the pitches, based on the evaluation of the jury;


  • Creation of teams;
  • Online submission of their projects for coding review;
  • Access to feedback given by the jury;


  • Screen for evaluate the teams, according to criteria established by the organizers, for the generation of the heat map;
  • Space for feedback for each team;


  • Rating screen, with all teams and their project links to perform the final evaluation;
  • Feedback screen to each group;

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