Why you should organize a hackathon?

Maybe you have already heard about hackathons even without being a developer. But what are these programming marathons and why are so many companies organizing such events?

Common in startups, hackathons are programming challenges that bring together multidisciplinary teams (made up of developers, designers and curious) in order to create solutions to a problem in a short time. Usually, a hackathon lasts for 24–48 hours, any shorter or longer isn’t as valuable to keep the groups focused.

In addition to competing for prizes, participants also gain from the networking and with the knowledge exchange. A collaborative project in a relaxed environment shows the potential of co-creation and it is able to change the mindset of all involved. Groups with greater synergy always go further!

From the perspective of the companies, marathons like these can promote the development of ideas, create a new relationship with the brand, attract talents and even motivate their own employees. For example, Facebook is one of the companies that has organized internal hackathons for over 10 years [1], as a way to increase integration among its team. Every six weeks or so, its employees gather after work to program all night, at the old campus in Palo Alto, with free Chinese food! Both the Like button and the functionality of tagging friends on Facebook posts are simple examples of powerful ideas that have emerged in this ecosystem.

By organizing a hackathon, you break the corporate structure and create an environment of creativity and development! And Shawee helps you in this process by automating all the steps, bringing dynamic to mentoring activity and efficiency to the evaluation of pitches.

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