What’s the purpose of your hackathon?

What’s the purpose of your hackathon?

A successful event begins with a purpose

The first question you should ask yourself before performing a hackathon is: Why?

Despite being an efficient practice, it doesn’t necessarily means that a hackathon is the solution for your company’s problem. That’s why, the first step to organize a marathon of this size, is to analyze your pains and understand whether a hackathon would be the best way to heal all of them.

After putting this into perspective, we move on to the second step: finding the hackathon type that best fits your company’s needs and goals. What do you need? Finding new talents for your team? Branding? Solving a specific issue? Developing a new mindset in your team? Creating a meaningful bond with technology communities and ecosystems?

Each one of these questions leads to different kinds of audience, sponsors, participants and even factors that should be highlited in the production. It all depends on the initial goal to be developed. The “why?” that you answered in the beginning tells you a lot about how your hackathon needs to be developed.

In a hackathon where the goal is recruiting new employees, for example, organizers can watch in real time how each candidate reacts to a typical company situation or even a possible adversity.

For the Movile Group, MovileHack has a key role. In 24 hours, we provided a remarkable experience for the participants, connecting them with each other and with our group companies. In addition, the proposed challenge brings the candidates closer to our daily reality and the mentors’ work generates a sharing of real and applicable knowledge”

– Matheus Fonseca, Employer Branding Lider of Movile.   

Compared to conventional interviews, hackathons are more accurate, since they bring together candidates that are 100% within the profile sought by the company and completely willing to compete for the vacancies. In addition, giving the participants the peacefulness of being in their “natural habitat” takes off some of the pression that’s usually a big obstacles on more traditional interviews.

Is your purpose branding? That means that the biggest focus must be on the company’s image and on the brand experience. After all, branding it’s about create connections (conscious or unconscious) between the company and possible clients.

Need to solve a specific problem? Call upon participants who are experts in the field you need.

The more specific your hackathon’s intent, the more cohesive your event will be and the better results you’ll get. In addition, a planning that’s consistent with your goals avoids problems and possible financial losses.

Set your goals and the door to the universe of successful hackathons will open easily.

But, first of all, remember:

The first question you should ask yourself before performing a hackathon is: Why?

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