On the other side of the hackathon: experimenting with other paths in the ecosystem

On the other side of the hackathon: experimenting with other paths in the ecosystem

Be at a hackathon is always a new adventure, after all, no matter how many of them you have participated, one will never be the same as the other. But, have you ever thought of leaving the title of “participant” aside to have another point of view of this spectrum?

Not only of competitors is made a hackathon and not only of hackathon lives the ecosystem of technology. Understand? We’ll explain!

Imagine the hackathon as a giant engine, an engine that only operates with the help of the following gears: organizers, participants, mentors, and juries. Each one with a specific purpose and with the same level of relevance for the operation of the engine. Of course, each of these “little things” works in one way and that’s what sets them apart, but nothing prevents one from playing the other.

Think of the “hackathonic” universe as a world where you can finally be whatever you want! Or at least try to it.

Wants to see (and live) whats happen on backstage and all the work the organization does at a hackathon? Apply as a volunteer!

Has a heavy background as a participant or knows a lot about a certain subject that happens to be the theme of an future hackathon? Offer your mentorship! Maybe you will find a new path and even a new career from this step?

The atmosphere of hackathon goes far beyond the event itself. The hackathon does not end on Sunday, remember? Have you thought about sharing your experiences, discoveries, and theories with other technology enthusiasts? Frequent and give your lecture in meetups! Never did that? There is a first time for everything in this life and, we can help you prepare for it.

Are you looking for a new professional path? “Flipping the switch” in an area of your life that technically has less impact on your life than your job (like a hackathon, for example) can serve as training to jump in new career adventures!

Although I was a bit nervous at first, my first experience as a mentor was very gratifying. In the beginning, I thought that I couldn’t help much, but during the mentoring rounds I was able to help teams validate their ideas, analyze the viability of their proposals and define their audiences. It was lovely to see them managing to get cool results at the end of the hackathon! Being a mentor has helped me to have a lot more confidence in myself and to know that I can help the community.

– Livia Chauar – Senior UX/UI Designer | Accenture Interactive

The thing here is to understand that every experience is aggregating and the risk is necessary! When was the last time you did something for the first time? Flip the switch and go with it!

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