The hackathon as resume

We’re always hitting the “hackathon does not end on Sunday” key, right?

In addition to all the learning, networking and possible awards you can gain during a hackathon, the professional benefits are also countless. Not only by the hiring possibilities, but also because participating in a hackathon can be an advantage in your resume.

Having a hackathon among your professional experiences (yes, even though it’s a lot of fun, it’s still work!) works as a proof that you have programming skills and experience working in intense environments (hell!), after all, we have to agree that creating a project in a little more than 30 hours is not for anyone!

Winning or not the competition, mentioning the contributions you made during the hackathon is a way of exposing your potential, your interests, and even your reasoning “style”.

OK! But how to present this in practice?

Make a specif topic for your projects in your curriculum. You DON’T have to put aaaaaaall the hackathons that you participated in your whole life, but the ones in which you stood out the most and that generated really remarkable products. Those who are the apple of your eye!

It’s also nice to mention the frameworks and technologies you’ve used on each one of them. Explain briefly what the solution is (functionality and features), how you’d helped to create, and whether has secured you a good place on the podium. This is the time for you to leave humbleness aside, to tell of your prizes and achievements, but, without lies. OK?!

“At the end of 2017, I participated in a hackathon focused on solutions with chatbots. Even though I didn’t have much experience at the time, I got to know some new tools. Thanks to the project we developed, I received the opportunity to work in the chatbot area. Nowadays, I’m an Artificial Intelligence Analyst and I realize how much that first experience in the hackathon worked as a step into my career.”

Leticia Pedroso, AI Analyst and Programming Instructor

But, don’t just stick only to the traditional curriculum! Be present also in the online universe, after all, it is where your adversaries are. Forget about “the shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot”, if technology is your thing, nothing could be more fitting than marking territory in the most technological universe of all: the online!

There is no faster way to learn and test your knowledge than by participating in a hackathon. Having an experience like that in your “professional background” sets you apart from your competitors. Any recruiter will know straight away that you have the disposition to improve yourself and learn, as well as the passion necessary to go beyond the expectations.

If a hackathon can change lives (we have proof!), you can bet that is also a great wat to give the upgrade you need in your CV.

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