Endless Possibilities: The Different Types of Hackathons

Endless Possibilities: The Different Types of Hackathons

The universe of hackathons is ginormous! A unique ecosystem that can fragment itself into many pieces while being unique and singular.

Keeping in mind that this blog is completely focused on the hackathon atmosphere and all its ramifications, a text devoted to the various hackathon formats and how each of them impacts its participants it’s nothing but fair.

Okay, but what could make a hackathon so different than another?

Amazing as it sounds: a lot! Usually depends on who performs, how they want to conduct it, what’s the challenge and what’s the ultimate goal of the event.

If you are dying to try it but don’t know where to start, this may be the perfect text to find a hackathon that matches what you are looking for.

Check out these variations:

Internal Hackathon

Here the name says a lot, right? Internal hackathons are a way for companies to improve employee engagement.

Employees from different departments come together for the same purpose, which also helps to promote the company’s culture, as well as allowing the employees to step out of their shell and demonstrate their untapped talent.

Facebook, for example, hosts an internal hackathon every six weeks! It was during one of these meetings, in the early days of the company, that the “like” button was born.

Cool huh?

External Hackathon 

An external hackathon is the model we’re most used to: the company sets a challenge that has to do with its culture, vision, mission or identity, and invites stakeholders.

The cool thing about this format is that employees can also be included, but this time as mentors. Thus, in addition to presenting the company in a different way to the target audience, employees are also motivated to share knowledge and consequently create an even tighter bond with the company.

Online Hackathons

Online or virtual hackathons are the best choice for companies that focus on impacting people from multiple regions. After all, the worldwide web was created for that, to cross borders!

In this format, everything happens online! From registration to the submission of the idea and judges’ evaluation. In addition to the range being much larger than a conventional hackathon, it is a good way to bring more diversity and plurality to the event.

Hackathon Onsite

A classic of the classics, this format is the most common. Participants meet in a physical space and work together (in teams) to solve one or more challenges.

Face-to-face hackathons are typically 24 hours to 36 hours long. Participants saw dawn coding, having insights and collaborating with each other to develop an innovative and winning idea!

The range is large, hackathon for all tastes! Our tip is simple: take the first step, subscribe to some (we recommend the ones organized by us!), we promise it won’t be long before you find your favorite. Also, new experiences are always welcome, right?

One thing is certain: whoever enters the hackathon universe will never leave!

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