Author: Débora Garcia

Why you should organize a hackathon?

Maybe you have already heard about hackathons even without being a developer. But what are these programming marathons and why are so many companies organizing such events? Common in startups, hackathons are programming challenges that bring...

Why participate in a hackathon?

Participating in a hacking marathon is an opportunity for multidisciplinary groups to showcase their skills and develop new projects in record time! In a period of 30 hours (or more), participants can self-challenge, show leadership, meet people...

Why you should choose Shawee?

Shawee is an online platform that automates the management of all steps of a hackathon from participant registration to project evaluation.Thinking about the demands of everyone involved in a programming marathon – organizers, participants...

Do you want to organize a hackathon? Shawee helps you!

So you decided to organize a hackathon? Shawee shows you the way and helps you  through all the process! The following highlights are guidelines for an ideal event. If for any reason you can not guarantee all of them, be … Continue lendo

How to win a hackathon

No, we don’t have the exact formula, perfect technic to follow or an instructions manual to win a hackathon. However, we’ve made a list with some tips that can help you to find the best idea and, consequently, take the … Continue lendo