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Why it’s important to connect with communities

Even with so many technological advances, platforms, applications, and social networks, the “good old” face-to-face meeting remains a very effective option when it comes to exchanging experiences, especially when there are snacks and...

What’s the purpose of your hackathon?

A successful event begins with a purpose The first question you should ask yourself before performing a hackathon is: Why? Despite being an efficient practice, it doesn’t necessarily means that a hackathon is the solution for your company’s...

Why participate in a hackathon?

Participating in a hacking marathon is an opportunity for multidisciplinary groups to showcase their skills and develop new projects in record time! In a period of 30 hours (or more), participants can self-challenge, show leadership, meet people...

How to win a hackathon

No, we don’t have the exact formula, perfect technic to follow or an instructions manual to win a hackathon. However, we’ve made a list with some tips that can help you to find the best idea and, consequently, take the … Continue lendo