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The hackathon as resume

We’re always hitting the “hackathon does not end on Sunday” key, right? In addition to all the learning, networking and possible awards you can gain during a hackathon, the professional benefits are also countless. Not only by the...

How to prepare for your first lecture

Call for papers on all sides, inscriptions, workshops, meetups, and numerous opportunities to expose your work to people, but you do not know where to start? Your problems are over! We write down the best tips by none other than … Continue...

3 initiatives for women in tech that you need to know

There is no need for a specific date to talk about life-changing initiatives for women. “Over the past couple of years, a multitude of initiatives have been pulling out all the stops to raise awareness regarding inclusion in technological sphere...

Tech Recruiters 101

I know that sometimes it may not seem like, but we are in 2019. The famous XXI century.

The cars don’t fly (not yet) and shine silver jumpsuits are not the last fashion trend, but the careers we once called … Continue lendo

Shawee Recommends: Books!

Last Tuesday (April 23rd) we celebrated World Book Day! And, good readers that we are, we decided to share with you what the team here at Shawee have read lately. The first “Shawee Recommends” of all time will increase … Continue...

Who owns the Intellectual Property in a hackathon?

Over the past few years, hackathons have gained the world and become more and more popular. Big companies went “all in” in the new technological idea and many renamed startups have sprung up from those events. You can imagine that … Continue...

Community Day #1 —  Shawee’s meetup series

The ones who made it until the final picture!

About a year ago, I (Jéssica Félix) participated, as an audience, in my first meetup: the Womakers Code Summit São Paulo organized by the Womakers Code community. Until then, … Continue lendo